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Upholstered furniture like your sofas and couches are used every day especially in a large family household, as well as pets. In its everyday use, a lot of contamination with several pollutants such as dust, food and drink spills, etc. can build up, which may affect its durability the longer that it is used.

There are also contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye, such as body oils and bacteria that will require professional cleaning for these to be thoroughly removed.

Carpet Cleaning Launceston also provides you with Upholstery Cleaning services that specialises in cleaning upholstered furniture. With our Upholstery Cleaning services, your couches and sofas will be as clean and fragrant as if it was freshly purchased from the store. During the cleaning process we use only minimal water in our cleaning solutions which reduces the drying time of your upholstered furniture and leaves behind as little moisture as possible. We make sure that the cleaning solutions that we use are suitable also for sensitive materials.

Our cleaning process involves the lifting of contaminant particles to the surface which will then be extracted. This is done through a very gentle carbonated cleaning process that will zealously work through your upholstered fabrics. We use non-toxic cleaning solutions to make sure that the fabric of the furniture will last for the longest time possible.

Part of our upholstery cleaning service is the removal of odour, food and drink spills and stains, improving the longevity of the furniture’s surface, and to reduce the allergens that attaches to the fabrics.

Upon completion of the cleaning process, a protectant is applied to help protect the upholstered fabrics from new contaminants. Your furniture is protected from dirt, body oils and the like, and is no longer exposed to new food and drink spills and stains. The protectant provides an invisible barrier against soil, stains, pet hairs, and other contaminants and therefore enables your fabrics to remain clean for a longer period before requiring another clean. It also makes it easier to clean spills before stains are left behind.

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