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Our love for cleaning is what brought us to where we are today. We love to transform something ordinary-looking into something clean, fresh and welcoming. With us, something that seemed to be an arduous task will be fun, quick, and easy.

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Carpet Cleaning Launceston

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For years Carpet Cleaning Launceston despite being a small business enterprise has served the people of Launceston. We are flexible and will always provide our clients with a personalised and satisfying experience.

We pride ourselves with our customer service, our clients can call us any time, and we will surely come knocking at their doors.

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Our Promise To You

As an industry leader, Carpet Cleaning Launceston is here to serve you and address all your carpet cleaning needs. Cleaning is always a rigorous task that takes a lot of time and effort. We want you to relax and leave such an arduous task to us. 

We understand that every client is different, that is why we provide a tailored approach for each client. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services and strive to always leave behind a positive impression.

The services that we offer will vary, based on your needs. Carpet Cleaning Launceston has been in service for several years and have gained plenty of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. Our priority is to provide services that are of the best quality. We will guarantee to you that you will be 100% satisfied with our services.

Our Services

You don’t need to ask yourself “who is the best carpet cleaner near me” anymore.  

Our goal is to be the go-to place of the residents of Launceston when it comes to their carpet cleaning needs. Trust us to look after everything for you, we will offer you nothing but honest and reliable carpet cleaning services.

We place the needs of our customers as our topmost priority, and with our experience we will surely bring you nothing but the best carpet cleaning services available. Be sure to contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

1. Pre-Inspect Carpet
2. Pre-Vacuum Carpet
3. Pre-Treat Spots and Stains
4. Soil Suspension (Pre-Spray Carpet)
5. Move Furniture (if requested)

6. Hot Water Extraction
7.  Carpet and Rug Protector
8.  Foam Blocks or Plastic Tabs for Furniture Feet or Legs
9.  Air Mover to Speed Drying Time (if Needed)
10.  Final Walkthrough for Inspection

We're environmentally friendly and family conscious

We choose carpet cleaning products that are only of the highest quality and are top-rated in the industry without compromising the quality of the service we provide. These cleaning products are made of materials that are environmentally friendly.

There are guidelines that must be followed in terms of the cleaning products that should be used. Following these safety precautions, Carpet Cleaning Launceston makes sure to personally choose the products that we use. Our products are paired with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to provide carpet cleaning services that are efficient, reliable, and safe.

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We're transparent and up to date.

Whatever bacteria, grime, or dirt that is stuck on your carpet we assure you that they will be gone in no time using our effective cleaning methods that are up-to-date and are highly recommended by the cleaning industry.

We keep ourselves constantly informed with the latest standards and procedures to provide cleaning services that are far more than what is expected of us. It’s just as important that we make sure that not only our businesses, but also your homes are well-maintained.

Detail orientated

We don’t want you to be spending your precious time cleaning during the week or on your weekends. It is our goal to provide you with cleaning services that will meet your satisfaction so you can feel welcomed by a healthy, clean, and fresh home or work environment.

We focus our attention on every detail to assess from the different options available on the types of cleaning that is necessary. There is also the guarantee that there won’t be any surprises to the cost of the services that you will receive. Our promise is to provide excellent customer service that helps us create long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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Carpet cleaning

We at Carpet Cleaning Launceston aim to provide our customers high-quality, and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services.

One such method, is utilising hot water extraction, which is a carpet cleaning solution that is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers. Using hot water extraction enables us to remove from the carpet fibres, all the dirt, grime, dust, and bacteria that are attached within. We use vacuums are equipped with a HEPA filter and are specially used for environment friendly cleaning. We make sure that our carpet cleaning services will remove any food stains, odours, and drink spills, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

Our services are not only limited to carpet cleaning, we also offer rug cleaning services for all types of rugs. We can help you remove stains, or tidy up your dusty rugs. Contact us now and avail of our carpet and rug cleaning services.

Pet odour and stain removal

Dirt in your carpet may be due to several factors. Having a pet is one of those. Pet hairs have the ability to get trapped in all types of surfaces. The fibres in your carpet and furniture easily trap pet hairs, despite any regular cleaning. What’s more is that the ‘doggy smell’ that everyone complains about is due to the excess sebum that is trapped on the surface of the carpet. Dirt and oils from their feet may also stick into the carpets and flooring, and may leave an odorous smell over time.

Only cleaning the surface of the carpet will not suffice because pet urine and odour contamination will require a lot more than just surface cleaning. Your carpets, despite having several layers, may still be easily penetrated by such contaminants. Your sub floor which is the bottom-most layer of your carpet can easily be reached by pet stains.

There are, however, treatments that cannot guarantee the complete removal of odour and stains from your carpets. That is not an issue with us because we use products and equipment that will deodorise all the way to the bottom most layer of the sub-floor and help eliminate contaminants that are causing the odour.

How to get rid of pet odour

Pets love to spend time outdoors walking and running along different surfaces, which have dust, grass, dirt particles and allergens that stick to their paws. This would, in turn, contaminate the carpets and surfaces and over time the particles would accumulate leaving your carpets smelly. Carpet Cleaning Launceston specialises in removing pet stains and spots that appear in different surfaces of your home.

Our treatments are 100% pet friendly and are effective in removing pet odours and carpet, upholstery and rug stains effectively. We always make sure that you and your furry friends are safe from non-toxic products.

Tile and grout cleaning

Looking for ceramic tile and grout cleaners in Launceston? Look no more because Carpet Cleaning Launceston has got you covered.

We want our clients to be assured that we will do everything that we can to make sure that their tile surfaces will look as good as new. We have both the training and expertise in working on all types of tile surfaces using only the safest products for tile and grout cleaning.

Cleaning your tiles is a hard and tricky job and cleaning the grout can be more laborious as we truly understand how that feels. It requires more than applying some soap and mopping, along with a bit of elbow grease. Dirt particles will accumulate in your grout over time, which can actually be caused by mopping, as it can push these particles into the grout. This makes it much more difficult to clean.

The accumulation of dirt and grease will form hard layers into the tiles’ surfaces and pores of the grout causing an unpleasant discoloration. We will re-establish your tiles and grout to their original colouring and former glory. A finishing coating is then applied after we clean and deodorise your tiles. We use a clear sealant as a finishing coating to make sure that the grout lines will remain clean as long as possible.

The technology we use for all of our tile and grout services is steam-based, combined with the most updated cleaning methods, high pressure rinsing and vacuuming. A grout sealant and a penetrating sealer will be used for the ceramic and porcelain tiles to protect it from any stains and mildew. We will restore what once looked old and dirty into something that is fresh, brand new looking, and welcoming.

Upholstery cleaning

Another one of our specialties, is providing the best upholstery cleaning service in the whole of Launceston. Included in our upholstery cleaning services are the removal of all the soil, dirt, oils, and allergens from the fabric of your furniture and upholstery. We are highly experienced in cleaning upholstery and are well-equipped when it comes to cleaning all types of surfaces and materials.

Our cleaning services cover a variety of fabric used for sofas, couches, and the like, as well as all styles and types of dining and reclining chairs. We can deodorise the surface and apply a fabric and stain guard which acts as a protective layer to help resist future stains and dirt.

Upholstered furniture comes in many types of surfaces and materials. Each type will require a different cleaning technique, but our Upholstery Cleaning Launceston services can handle cleaning all types of upholstery furniture. For the colour and stability of the fabric to be maintained, a specialised approached is needed to be used. We assure you that whatever kind of upholstery you have, we can clean it effectively and safely.

Our specialised services include a soil and stain resistant solution which we will provide along with our deodorising services. Your upholstery will look as good as new with the additional protection to enhance and extend the life of your fabric surfaces and preserve the integrity of the fibres.

clean floorboards

Hardwood floor cleaning

Your floorboards may begin to lose their shiny and new finish over time. They may begin to look old and dingy because of all the dirt, grime, and dust that are embedded into them. Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Launceston services team are all experts in cleaning all types of hard floor surfaces.

We use state of the art wood floor cleaning techniques that will loosen the dirt attached to your hardwood floor allowing us to remove them. The equipment that we use are safe as well as the fact that we are specialists in cleaning techniques that are effective in providing deep cleaning of your hard surfaces. This will allow them to be restored into their original look.

We will bring your hardwood floors back to its former glory and bring back that original shine that you used to have. After the deep cleaning process is completed, we make sure to give your floor that protective layer to make sure that it stays vibrant and shiny. We have a re-coating process that we highly recommend to our clients. Re-coating not only preserves but also extends the life of your hardwood floors by adding a barrier that will protect it from dirt and dust. Regular mopping may be done with ease afterwards.

How can I preserve my floors?

We recommend a regular interval between vacuuming and sweeping. Avoid using harsh soaps and waxes on your flooring surfaces. The condition of your wooden surfaces may be compromised due to the abrasiveness of these products.

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Our aim is to be the leader of carpet cleaning service providers in Launceston, Tasmania. We also want to make sure that our customers can trust us to provide them with the best cleaning services. We always pride ourselves with our super friendly customer service.

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We will provide you with the most effective means of eliminating stains, dirt, grime and allergens from your carpets and other household surfaces. We will not use any chemicals that may have harmful effects to you or your pets. We do our best to exceed what is expected of us, as we want to leave every household with a homeowner that is 100% satisfied of our services. We place high value with your trust and promise only the highest quality results.

We take extra precautionary measures during the cleaning process by using protective clothing whenever it is needed, corner guards for your walls and furniture, and move small or medium sized furniture for you. We take every means necessary for a safe and effective cleaning process. 

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